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Top 10 scholarships in Europe for Indian students.

European governments and universities offer numerous scholarship programs or tuition fee waivers for Non-EU International Students.

European Government Scholarships for Indian Students

1. Holland Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA Students (Netherlands)

The Holland Scholarship, offered by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, is for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who want to do their bachelor’s or master’s at one of the Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences  in Holland. The scholarship is €5,000.

2. Danish Government Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA Students (Denmark)

A number of scholarships are offered annually by the Danish Ministry of Education to support highly qualified and inspired international students outside the EU / EEA who wish to pursue a fulltime higher education program at participating Danish universities.

European University Scholarships for Indian Students

1. Leiden University Excellence Scholarships (Netherlands)

The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Program (LexS) is available to exceptional non-EU / EEA students pursuing any Ba, MSc or LL.M programs offered at the University of Leiden. The scholarships come in the form of the following: € 10,000 of the school fee, € 15,000 of the school fee, or the total amount of the school fee minus the home fee.

2. University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships (Netherlands)

Maastricht University (UM) provides UM High Potential Scholarships for talented students from outside the EEA to pursue the participating UM Master’s and Graduate Program for Professionals offered at the University, with the exception of the School of Business and Economics.  Scholarships pay school fees, daily living expenses, benefits and visa fees.

3. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (Netherlands)

The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES) grants scholarships for exceptionally talented international students to pursue suitable Master’s programs offered at the University of Amsterdam. The AES is a full scholarship of EUR 25.000, covering the cost worth schooling and living expenses.

4. Radboud University Scholarship Programme (Netherlands)

The Radboud Scholarship Program offers international students the opportunity to receive a scholarship to pursue a full Master’s degree program at Nijmegen Radboud University. The scholarship consists of a partial waiver of the value of the scholarship fee, which will be added to the level of the EEA student. In addition, the Radboud Scholarship also includes expenses such as visas, residence permits, health insurance and liability insurance.

5. Lund University Global Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA Students (Sweden)

The Lund University Global Scholarship Program is aimed at top academic students who are citizens of countries outside the EU / EEA (and Switzerland) and who are pursuing a Master’s degree program at the University.Scholarships that cover 25 per cent, 50 per cent, 75 per cent or 100 per cent of school fees. The cost of living is not compensated.

6. Chalmers IPOET Scholarships (Sweden)

Chalmers will offer approximately 50 IPOET scholarships to prospective paying students from outside the EU/EEA who wish to pursue any Master’s degree program offered at the University. The scholarship is a 75% reduction in school fees for 4 semesters (2 year program).

7. Uppsala University Global Scholarships (Sweden)

Uppsala University offers Global Scholarships to firstyear applicants from outside the EU / EEA who wish to pursue the Master’s degree program offered at the University.

8. Emile Boutmy Scholarships for International Students (France)

Sciences Po has created the Emile Boutmy Scholarships after the founder of Sciences Po in order to attract the very best international students from outside the European Union who are first-time applicants and who have been admitted to the graduate or master’s program offered at the university. Scholarships can take different forms, ranging from €5,000 to €10,000 for 2 years of postgraduate studies, or €3,000 to €12,300 for 3 years of undergraduate studies.

9. Cambridge International Scholarships (UK)

The University of Cambridge will offer Cambridge International Scholarships to top-ranked international students undertaking PhD studies at the University through the Cambridge Trusts.  Scholarships shall pay the University Composition Fee and a maintenance allowance sufficient for a single person.

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