Whizz Europa Passion Research & Development Center

We are a Passion Research and Development Center which is researching only on the topic PASSION. We are in a verge of expanding and we require funding from an investor who are looking forward or expecting to be a part of a world changing concept. We are creating a new Industry- PASSION.

It is a platform formed to educate people about the importance of passion. And its vision is to create a world where everybody does what they love and love what they do. So it is having different activities to encourage passion in every age group.


·         Passion Development programs in Schools

Here we go and have classes with modules and assessment which helps students to find their passion and go ahead with that. Planning to make it a syllabus. It does not do miracles. It just makes the students realize what he should be doing in the rest of his life.

·         Study Abroad Consultants

For helping Indian students with consulting and Guidance to study abroad. We have around 150 major tie-up universities and 1000s of non-tie-up Universities ( These are mostly public universities or top raking universities which none of the agents prefer to do because of time and energy consuming). Our concept is to help students get the best options after our passion counselling.

·         Corporate training

Giving training to employees to love their job

·         Passion Academy

For coaching and inspiring others passion by performing in events, taking interviews, Conducting classes and workshops, Creating Short films and ads etc.

·         Android App 

An android app for inspiring people to follow their passion.

Our concept is to make sure people love what they do or do what they love. Most of them are unhappy when it comes to the work which they do. Our vision is to make sure in a coming 10 years every body should do what they love or love what they do. I am making the mail compact so that you can read it and be brief about the concept. We are active in online medias. Please check our videos and photos for more details.


Whizz Europa is a brand name now. We can make the world a better place to live in.