Terms and Conditions

Whizz Europa Edu Consultants

Whizz Europa Edu Consultants becomes an advisor to your family. We will provide information, counseling, proprietary tools and assessments to help you develop and implement a custom strategy with regards to college costs, admission and enrollment, based on the services you select. We do not “guarantee” admission to any college or university, nor can we “guarantee” funding from any source. We do not provide legal, tax or investment advice. Below are the “mutual responsibilities” to which we agree to adhere: 


Your Responsibilities: • BE PREPARED for your meetings by completing “assignments,” • MAINTAIN the confidentiality of copyright documents you receive from us (i.e., do not share copyright information with anyone), • SUBMIT timely, accurate and complete information to us when requested, • COMPLY with your school’s policies and procedures with regards to data submission, • ADHERE to deadlines we specify. Except for illness and other events beyond your control, we expect you to complete things on time, • DISCLOSE learning disabilities, counseling, medical, legal or other circumstances which may impact our ability to serve your family, • PAY the fees associated with submission of admissions applications, financial aid applications and standardized testing. 


Our Responsibilities • ALLEVIATE STRESS by guiding you through the process, each step of the way • ASSIST you with defining, and prioritizing your objectives, • PROVIDE timely interactions, current information and quality professional services, • BE ACCESSIBLE to you throughout the admission process, •: Interactions are scheduled according to when you begin the program. The interval between them is established at our discretion in order to allow you and us ample time to complete assigned tasks. Interactions typically require 60-75 minutes depending on the topic of discussion. We prefer to have our interactions take place during normal business hours, but we recognize that this is not always possible. We are available during evenings and weekends during peak times. •E-mail: E-mail support is provided throughout your scope of services. We usually respond to e-mail within 1-2 business days. Please make your emails brief, concise and on point. •We help you get in to desired universities if the eligibility criteria is matched. •University decisions on the admission procedures will be final and it has nothing to do with our responsibilities • Visa decision by the particular country consulate doesn’t come under our responsibility. •Our responsibility will be to guide, consult and assist you with the admission procedures and visa procedures• Do the proper documentation and get things done without errors.


Payments: All services are “prepaid” unless other arrangements are made. There is a service charge for all the responsibilities & services that we have mentioned above. Payment Terms: 50000/- INR before the beginning of service. Remaining amount to be paid after the call letter arriving from the university.


Refunds & Cancellations: This agreement may be canceled by either of us with written notice within three business days of the date signed below for a full refund. After three business days, if you or we decide to cancel this agreement, a file audit will be conducted. An appropriate pro-rata refund (or summary of the file audit if no refund is justified) will be issued within 50 days of the cancellation request. You are excluded from the refund if all the initial application procedures have been completed. Your signature below indicates your acceptance of this agreement. You agree to pay the Total Cost of Services according to the terms stated above. We agree to provide the services as described. 


Student Pledge 


This is an important time for you, and I want you to know that I am committed to providing you with my very best effort. In return, I’m asking for no less than your best effort. Working together, I’m confident that we will see the best outcome for your college admissions campaign. In that regard, let’s agree to the following:


  • I will take this effort seriously by making time in my schedule to attend, participate and engage in college planning meetings and to complete college planning assignments given to me. • I recognize that a successful outcome for me requires that I elevate the critical college planning milestones and meetings at least to the level of athletic, employment and recreational activities. • I will make every effort to be on time and avoid rescheduling my meetings. • I understand that I will not change my priority/ decision in mid stage of application process • I will not limit myself to fewer than six colleges for final consideration without discussing my reasons with my counselor and my parents. I will apply to at least 3 colleges that I am willing to attend even if one of them is an Early Decision application. • I will work with my counselor to understand and apply the principles of sound decision-making taking into account a fair assessment of my competitive position. • I will become familiar with and adhere to the deadlines and milestones essential to my admission and, if appropriate, my eligibility for college financial assistance and merit scholarships. • I understand that the service charge I have paid to Whizz Europa is for helping and guiding me in the entire process and they are not responsible for any visa decisions or admission decisions taken by University/Consulate •I will work with my counselor to establish a clear college planning strategy which incorporates my personal traits, talents and strengths, preferences and abilities. I will share that strategy with my parents. • I will advise my counselor and my parents of any changes in my priorities, preferences or criteria that might impact my college list, scholarships or financial aid, • I will ask for more help if I need it, • I will check my email a minimum of three times weekly, • I will respond to email from my Counselor within one day, • I will do my best to have fun during this process! I understand and agree to the above.